There’s nothing like a good bedtime story to get you ready for bed. Apparently though, humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good tale before bed time.

The Daniel Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford now offers a volunteer program where you can read a book to a four-legged friend. The program, according to an article on the Shoreline Times entitled Volunteers Read to the Animals at Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, is a weekly program that allows readers to come in and read stories to the animals before they go to sleep.


Both parties benefit from this program. For the many four legged friends who call the shelter their temporary home, it gives them some well-needed company. After all, being in a shelter can be a lonely time for them. Therefore, they enjoy a moment where someone reads them a story.

But, humans benefit from this as well. For instance, this is a fun way for children to practice their reading skills. It also gets them to read more frequently, which can be a struggle for some kids. What’s awesome about doing it here is that they are doing it in a low stress environment where they can’t be embarrassed by their peers if they make mistakes.

However, adults can benefit from this as well. I can tell you that from experience that being in the presence of adorable animals is without a doubt a stress reliever. And after a stressful day, reading always helps me unwind.

But, combining the two? That’s an amazing combination.

Furthermore, this is also a great and fun way to volunteer in the shelter. Many can’t always commit to longer periods of volunteering, so this is a great way to give back without a huge time commitment.

The program, the article says, is open to readers off all ages. And, as you can imagine, it’s pretty popular too. According to the article, the program was booked January through May in its first year.

Interested? The program runs every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. All those who want to participate can email Chris Barbaro at for further details.

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