For all the trouble this state goes through to fight the good fight against “distracted driving”, texting while driving, drive sober or get pulled over, click it or ticket, etc… you would think they would take the time to maybe turn down the brightness on those LED digital billboard on 95.

If you are a hermit who never leaves the basement or one of those people who are terrified of driving on highways (grow up!) and not sure what I am talking about, there are these giant LED digital billboards that look like huge flatscreen TVs on the side of the highway. They rotate between different billboard ads every 5 seconds or so. I’m sure they are in many different locations across Connecticut, but since I spend the most time driving on 95 between Milford and Norwalk on the regular I am really only familiar with the digital death boards in Bridgeport right between exit 27-24.

They are the brightest most distracting things ever. I have driven by them in the middle of the day and been distracted by how bright they are. Especially if the ad that pops up is all white. Forget about it. It’s like a giant flashbulb on the highway. I never really felt they were THAT bad until I was driving by them the other day when it was fog city. Anyone who happened to be on the roads in Southern Connecticut in this fog knows exactly what I’m talking about. It felt like I was driving over the Golden Gate bridge through a rain forest. Visibility was almost at zero. So there I am driving up 95 north, when I come up into Bridgeport around the bend near exit 27… and BOOM! A giant flash of the digital death board as it switched to, of course, a white background ad blinding the entire highway. You know what’s even more distracting than digital death boards on the highway? digital death boards on the highway IN THE FOG! It honestly looked like an explosion.

I don’t what was so wrong with the regular old billboards that have worked perfectly fine since the beginning of time, but I get it. You can fit more ads on the digital boards, switch out the ads quicker, and in turn make more money. Really, I get that. To be perfectly honest I am fine with the digital death boards. All I’m asking is to just turn down the brightness a little bit, so we don’t all drive off the highway into side of the Webster Bank Arena.


photo: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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