No one likes it when their dog becomes sick.  No one.  It’s the absolute worst.  That said, you should know that a deadly dog flu finally made its way into the state.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that this potentially fatal strain of canine flu originated on the west coast.   However, month after month, it crept closer and closer to the eastern side of the states.

Cases of dog flu just started showing up in NYC, which means it’ll most likely infiltrate parts of CT soon.

Currently, it sickened over 3 dozen dogs in the  big apple, with more reports underway.  What has officials worried is that this illness does carry a risk of mortality.

Veterinarians say if left untreated, the sick dog could die.

So, the signs to look out for are lethargy, loss of appetite, and coughing.  Health officials say it takes several days for symptoms to show up.

As soon as your dog develops any of these symptoms, bring them to the vet right away.  The sooner you seek treatment for your dog, the better chances they have at a quick recovery.

Also, if you board your dog or bring it to some sort of obedience class, remain vigilant to make sure no one accidentally brings in an infected dog.  This pathogen spreads just like people-flu.

And, just like people-flu, the dog flu can end with your pooch developing pneumonia.

If you want to avoid risk of your precious pooch falling ill, vaccines are available.  However, they cost upwards of $100 in some areas.  Unfortunately, like most  flu vaccines, it’s not 100 percent effective.  But, it could curb symptoms and increase Fido’s chances of bouncing back quicker.

Talk to your vet first before booking that particular appointment for sure.

Also, the dog flu does not affect humans.  If your dog becomes sick, no need to worry about it spreading to other members of your family.

You should note that the H3N2 virus (AKA this year’s dog flu) could spread to cats.  Although it’s not likely, there are reports from the CDC of that happening.

So, should the flu find its way into your dog’s immune system, keep Fido hydrated and well-fed.   Your vet may prescribe additional medication to help fight off the flu.

I know I will speak to my vet shortly after posting this to make sure I have everything I need just in case my 3 month old puppy gets the flu.  Although unlikely, I don’t want to risk it.

It’s a “better be safe than sorry” situation, that’s for sure.   As I said earlier, no one likes it when their dog gets sick and this, unfortunately, is one sickness you hope stays far FAR away from your pup.

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