No, this bear isn’t expressing viewpoints that make hipsters uncomfortable… there’s a godforsaken bear on the loose in Branford and it needs to go.  NOW.

The Branford Police Department said there has been increased sightings of bears in the area to the point reports are coming in daily.  However, there’s one bear that is causing a scene big enough to get Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection involved.

Which means, this bear has done quite a lot of misdeeds to wind up on the town’s deportation list.

Most of the time, bears wander around in search of food before slowly ambling back into the woods.  But if one bear knows where to get his daily cuisine, he won’t be so keen on going back home, which creates an extremely dangerous situation for both the bear and the neighborhood.

So, if you see a bear and aren’t in immediate danger (if you are, call 911), contact DEEP by dialing 860-424-3333.

If you live in the vicinity, can also contact the Branford Police Department at 203-481-4241.

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