There’s a law for everything.  In today’s edition of “Weird Connecticut Laws That Exist” is the relatively unknown balloon ban.

Well, it’s a limit.  But ‘ban’ sounds so much better because I’m 5 and enjoy my alliteration.

Anyways, for those planning on bedazzling your weddings, graduation parties, or anything that requires an abundance of decorative balloons  – keep the count low or the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection might come after you.

DEEP has issued a reminder to residents about the dangers of helium balloons and served a stern warning for scofflaws.

Connecticut Law prohibits a person from deliberately releasing more than 10 per day.  There isn’t a fine or a trip to jail in the back of a cop car – but you can earn yourself an infraction ticket.   It’s meant to be “educational.”

This law has something to do with protecting wildlife.  Actually, it has everything to do with protecting wildlife.

Balloons can travel for miles and sometimes end up in the ocean, where sea creatures can mistake them for their next meal.  Since balloons don’t really do that whole “digesting” thing when consumed – it’s often fatal.

Wildlife experts went with the ultimate sad example of balloon death: it kills sea turtles.  They mistake the deflated balloon for a jellyfish and, well, the rest is history.

So, while nature lovers comb the beaches and woods for these renegade latex abominations – do your part and resist the urge to set your balloons free.

Seriously, they’re inanimate objects and you can’t assign emotion to them.  Like, a balloon isn’t “sad” for being tied to your mailbox or “happy” to be let go.  That was the weirdest sentence I’ve ever written, but you know there’s some people out there who think like that.

Save the turtles.

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