Connecticut officials sure know what to say to make us feel all hot and bothered.  This time, they’re talking trash…

…And how big of a problem it’s becoming.

DEEP Project Manager Lee Sawyer told WTNH that the state is running out of places to put it.  One solution on the table will hit residents right in the wallet. The state is beginning to flirt with the idea of shipping its trash to out-of-state landfills.

It’s kinda easy to forget about your junk once you wheel it out to the curb or drop it off at the dump.  I mean once you pitch it, you ditch it, right?

Yeah, it’s best to abandon that way of thinking.  Sending our trash to transfer stations all over the state costs a very pretty penny.  Cheap landfills aren’t cutting it anymore.

Sawyer told WTNH, “Over the years Connecticut has closed and capped many of its landfills, and uses mostly trash to energy. Which is positive, but the problem is those families are aging and need to be replaced.”

With the average resident creating about 3.5 pounds of rubbish a day, which translates to about 1,300 pounds a year, that’s a lot of our tax dollars at work.

Sawyer cautioned that at the rate Connecticut is heading with its trash accumulation, residents could be paying up to $25 million in taxes within the next decade to handle it.  He says the only way to avoid that price hike is to bolster recycling efforts.

He noted that transfer stations are filling up with recyclable bottles, newspapers, and cardboard.  If residents took the time to sort between their trash and recyclables, it’d save the state, and us, a lot of money.

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