Believe it or not, drive-in movies are not strictly a thing of the past. Sure they’re retro, and odds are that you don’t even know where you can find one in 2017. But I’m here to tell you that there’s one in Southington, and it’s about to reopen for it’s eighth summer season.

The Southington Drive-In is totally community owned and volunteer operated. Run by people that care about giving back to their community, by bringing nostalgia and nearly $150,000 over the last seven years to local organizations.

We’re no strangers to the Southington Drive-In. We’ve been fans since the beginning, and this year they have unveiled a line-up with some recent films (Rogue One) and some from the past (the animated Beauty and the Beast), but it’s the throwbacks that are most interesting.

Behold my completely arbitrary, non-scientific ranking of all the live-action classics you can check out this summer (complete with original trailers!):

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