What? Is this last spring? Am I watching the same show? You mean to tell me there is ANOTHER talented musician from CT winning hearts, by performing on national television? This is all true, and it’s awesome.

Braiden Sunshine. Yes, that is his name. Read it again. Braiden. Sunshine. I mean, that name in itself deserves an award. It really is a name fit for a kick ass musician, so the Nutmeg State is proud to say that Braiden Sunshine is our very own. He has gone pretty far on this season of The Voice too.

15 year old Braiden hails from Old Lyme and has been performing since a VERY young age. He has THREE bands and started being the frontman at the age of 9. According to this profile by the Hartford Courant, Braiden’s mom was the one to convince him to audition for The Voice. Braiden thought it’d be a waste of time (FAMOUS LAST WORDS RIGHT THERE!).

This kid is adorable and I am rooting for him all the way, not JUST because he is from Connecitcut, but because he is really talented. Check out some of his stuff AND LOOK AT HIS CUTE LITTLE FACE:

Via The Voice Twitter

Via The Voice Twitter

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