Over the last year, CT Boom has done some dabbling in the Yard Goats drama game. We covered the stadium scandal. We covered the lost inaugural season. We talked about everything from the expenses to the importance of ticket sales to the possibility that Hartford might actually lose the team before they even played a single game at Dunkin’ Donuts Park.

But now it’s March of 2017. All the drama is in the past, and the Yard Goats supposedly have a date with destiny on April 13. That night, they’ll finally open Dunkin’ Donuts Park, and according to WFSB, they’ll do so in front of a sold out crowd.

According to the report, the team claims the tickets sold out in 30 minutes.

After everything that happens, that says a lot. Hartford hasn’t hosted a baseball game since 1952. Just when that was supposed to change last spring, the city’s hopes were derailed. The team played every game on the road last year. What was supposed to be a public relations and tourism boon for the city because mired in negative press. It was a nightmare.

But if those sales figures are to be believed, and a capacity crowd fills up Dunkin’ Donuts Park on April 13, that will show just how much Connecticut wants to support this team and the capital city it plays in.

It’s no secret that Hartford is struggling. It’s no secret that Connecticut is struggling. And while baseball (and sports in general) can be a pleasant distraction from those struggles, it can also be a way to fight back.

If the Yard Goats sell out that stadium night after night, for 70 home games in 2017, that’s business for the team, the stadium, the businesses in the stadium, the businesses near the stadium, and ultimately the city as a whole.

There’s no telling if a sell out season is in the Yard Goats’ future. But if they can sell out the home opener after the year they’ve had, we shouldn’t rule anything out.

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