Changing a dirty diapers is not a pleasant experience and buying them is no picnic either. You are looking at $40 to $50 for a large box depending on where you shop. With your little poop factory tearing through 5-8 diapers a day you are looking at a substantial monthly expense. The good news is that there is legislation on the table to make diapers tax exempt.

The bad news? It could cost the state $4.3 million annually. That is a big chunk of change. I am all for keeping as much money in my wallet as possible but at the same time I know that the government needs money to keep operating. I am actually okay with continuing to pay taxes on diapers. Not only to keep our state from falling deeper into debt but because of the environmental burden disposable diapers create. My wife and I debated for about 2 minutes between cloth and disposable diapers but since we are lazy cloth diapers lost in a landslide. Before all you hippies out there tout your moral supremacy for using cloth diapers let me remind you that you are still using water to wash them and that creates waste as well. But babies gotta poop…

The most interesting thing I discovered about diapers and taxes is that adult diapers are already tax exempt as they are considered medical expenses whereas baby diapers are considered clothing. How much revenue could CT bring in if we removed that exemption? Don’t the old folks get enough discounts already?

Via CTNewsJunkie

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