Cosplay- Adults that not only like characters in movies/shows/etc, they feel the need to dress like them in a public setting.  Halloween once a year doesn’t feel like enough for them.  It seems a bit odd to be honest but I guess you should never judge the freakiness of another person.

That being said, if you find something incredibly appealing about dressing up as characters from Harry Potter (insert confused face) then you were in luck… briefly.  Gillette Castle in Hamden was supposed to be the meeting place for an event welcoming the masses to dress like a prepubescent boys who likes magic wands.  The Facebook invite was open and I watched in disbelief as people responded “attending”.  Then something awkward happened.  The location changed to Massachusetts and a cap on the attendance was added.

So, what happened?

Guesses are saying there were issues with fear over the attendance being out of hand and needing to get permission from officials, (Come on! How many people could possibly show up at a castle in Hamden in sorcery costumes?) others are saying that the event was attracting people that wanted to be “too sexy” with their costumes and those who are deeply committed to the art of cosplay started blacklisting the event, (Please let this theory be real), and another rumor is that Gillette Castle reps flat out said no way.  You can do your own investigation by trolling the comments from the original Facebook invite here.

Don’t fret though.  If dueling with magic wands in the woods is everything you want in life, it’s been moved to a location South Hadley, MA.  In the description of the event, they encourage participants to prepare to practice spells, get ready to plant mandrakes, and reenact the final battle of Hogwarts.

Yep.  This is real.

Also real, these Facebook posts.  Apparently, Harry Potter cosplay is huge.  I learn something new everyday.





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Character: Hermione GrangerMovie & Book: Harry Potter Photo by: Paloma BowerCosplayer: Mayu Cosplay

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My Harry Potter cosplayCosplayer Diego Contreras Photography and CosplayCosplay Draco Malfoi by Juan DíazPhoto by Fotografia Cosplay.

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