We all have war flashbacks to last summer.  Ticks of every shape and size descended upon our properties, trying to suck us dry of our precious blood.  On top of that, they carried horrific diseases with them that created their highest levels in history.  But thanks to that deep freeze, we hope their reign of terror is over.

So many of us hope beyond hope that cold snap killed them all.  We need a respite.

Sorry to say, but, that probably did not happen.

Our friends up north broke it down for us.  Bangor Daily News reports that, despite the sub-zero freeze since Christmas, experts think the ticks weren’t harmed.

With that said, we will not see a milder tick season this year.  It’s because of how warm the ground was this winter and, also, the snow.

Allow expert Griffin Dill, coordinator for the tick identification program at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Pest Management Office to explain.  Dill says:

“Even with these persistent below-zero temperatures, it’s staying 25, 30, as high as 35 degrees down close to the ground.  It’s still relatively warm under there.”

Don’t forget about the foot-or-more of snow covering the ground.  Had that not been there to shield those ticks from the nasty wind and bitter cold, this article would be so different.

Not to mention, due to our horrific foliage season, the amount of dead leaves provided ample protection from the freeze as well.

So, all that bitter cold didn’t touch those ticks because the snow and dead leaves protected them. Scientists in Maine will find out this year if snow and leaf litter allows ticks to survive a cold winter.

Their theories say yes but they might be in for a surprise when it’s warmer.

Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until the spring.  So, until then, don’t throw out your tick repellent and whatnot.

How bad do you think ticks will be this spring?

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