Guest Contributor: Joseph Mixie

The question is: Did this man deserve to have dog crap thrown into his car window?

Patch reported this week that an altercation took place in Orange, Connecticut that left one woman with a ticket and one man with a car full of dog crap.

Peck Lane in Orange is a quiet residential area and has a posted speed limit of 40 MPH.

59-year-old Karen Kerames was walking her dog on the side of the road when a vehicle came barreling down the road past her. Kerames allegedly motioned for the driver to slow down, but the man was not having it and kept rolling on at a high speed.

That’s when Karen decided to take things into her own hands.

Having just picked up after her dog she decided to use the bag of dog poop as a weapon and to show the driver what she thought of his driving skills.

Clearly she also could be pitching for the Yankees because she had pretty good aim. The bag went through an open window in the truck and exploded inside the truck and all over the driver.

The man, covered in crap, called the Orange Police Department to file a complaint and Kerames was issued a ticket while the driver was warned about his speed.

Kerames may have had to pay for getting her revenge, but don’t be surprised if she gets calls from the Connecticut Highway Patrol to hire her to be a speeding enforcement officer… Or from the New York Jets offering her a tryout for the quarterback position.



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