This morning as I sleepy strolled into the same Milford Dunkin Donuts I go to every morning to get my daily iced coffeee I was greeted to the best Friday morning surprise ever. I overheard everyone in line before me being offered the same thing “…and what donut would you like for your Free Donut today?” WHAT?! FREE DONUT! I mean, people were astonished and reacting like the cashier was asking them if what amount of money they would like transferred to their checking account. It was hilarious and amazing.

Come to find out, today is National Donut Day! So if you’re making your way to Dunks today you get a free tasty treat with every beverage you buy. I was picking up a coworkers coffee and was able to get us each a free donut. I almost tried to test their system and buy 8 drinks, but then decided two donuts was enough. Gotta keep this fake slim figure somehow.






Enjoy your free donuts today. You’ve earned it.

Thanks Dunks!


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