UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, we know…Paris has the busiest location in the entire world. But, if we try hard enough…we might beat them some day…

Today, we woke up to the news that Burger King has offered a one-day truce with McDonald’s to form a McWhopper. It would only be available for one day, in Atlanta, on the International Day of Peace.

So, basically, September 21, don’t expect me to be in Connecticut.

As I dug deeper into the Internet, and read a little bit more about it, I came across an interesting fact about McDonald’s that I had never heard before. One involving their busiest location, and Connecticut.

But first, I always thought that the New York City Times Square McDonald’s was the busiest location. 24 hours, several stories, an ENORMOUS register area that always seems 15 customers deep.

But I was wrong. While the Starbucks and the Applebee’s in Times Square are the busiest locations of those particular establishments, McDonald’s says that the Darien, Connecticut 95 rest stop is the busiest for them. In the entire United States of America.

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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