I might be late to the party with this post, but I found out some truly eye opening information about my iPhone this afternoon that I never even knew until now, and if you’re as oblivious as I was, I feel like you need to know it immediately.

Your iPhone could be tracking your every movement, just how long you’ve been at a certain spot, and it’ll make the determination as to what is “work” and “home” based on how much time you’ve spent there-and it’s some truly creepy shit.

Now I’m not some Alex Jones type conspiracy kook who gets all hot n’ bothered over all things NSA and wiretapping.
I just figure it is what it is, people. Our government has us over a barrel, and we’ll keep taking it as long as we get to keep our big, flatscreen HD TV’s and we get to stuff our faces with cheap, delicious foodstuffs.

That’s pretty much America in 2014.

But what I DO have a problem with (and thus the reason I’m alerting you to this feature on your iPhone) is my smartphone getting me in trouble with a significant other if I was up to no good at say a side chick’s house for a few hours.

And you better believe your iPhone could do just that if you’re not aware of this feature, and she is.

On your iPhone, go to:


Location Services

System Services

Frequent Locations

then, History.

If you didn’t have your location services turned off, you’ve now been greeted to a cache of information like the montage below.


This is where I was shocked to see that my iPhone had correctly determined where my “Home” is, where my “Work” is, and just how long I spent at my buddy’s house in Malden, MA just a few weekends ago.

You better believe that as soon as I finished screen capturing, solely for the reason of writing this post, I turned all of these features OFF.

I would highly recommend you do the same too.

Especially if you’re up to some sketchy behavior that you don’t anyone else aware of.

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