Three fun facts I’ve learned since hearing about the Pizza and Pints Bike Tour: 1) This tour exists. 2) The first pedaled bicycle was invented in New Haven in 1866. 3) I want pizza.

We all know New Haven pizza is a thing and is arguably one of the best pizza cities in the US. But if you were to tell people you were spending your Saturday going to every pizza joint in the Elm City, your friends might judge you as being either extremely awesome (good friends) or extremely fat and gross (bad friends). But tell them you’re going on a legitimate tour to learn (and eat) and they now think you’re dignified.

First the Pizza and Pints Bike Tour starts at Devil’s Gear Bike Shop where people without a bike or helmet can rent one for the day. Then you peddle over to Wooster Square for the first stop on the tour: famous Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana. Next stop is Grand Apizza in Fair Haven. Then over to East Rock for Modern Apizza. Next, across town to Westville for Ernie’s Pizzeria and finally back downtown to Bar, which is perfect because Bar has enough vats of beer to keep you all night.

Pizza, beer and bikes. The only way this combo gets better if that bike is actually a pedi-cab and you get toted around town but not all my dreams can come true.

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