Besides all the bad effects of smoking like cancer, yellowed teeth, bad skin, and the general stench of cigarettes, Connecticut is giving you yet another reason to stick to your resolution to give up smoking – money. No they aren’t paying you to quit, which would be amazing, but Connecticut is the fifth most expensive state for smokers.

Let us remove the smoke from your eyes (sorry) and tell you just how much this habit is costing you.

The average price per pack is almost $10, which depending on how much you’re lighting up certainly adds up. The total cost per smoker in Connecticut: $2,138,139. The out-of-pocket cost you’re actually paying: $152,848. And the kicker, health-care cost per smoker (because it makes you sick, dummy): $241,423.

The only states that beat us are New York, Massachusetts, Alaska and Hawaii. Let’s assume the last two are greatly effected by the cost of having your smokes shipped.

Check out the full list of all the costs and states below.

Source: WalletHub

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