All aboard!

Connecticut is a haven of good food, fun, and memories.  We enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery out of all 50 states, with luscious national parks, sprawling rivers, and hidden sparkling ponds and lakes.  But how about experiencing all of that at the same time on Connecticut’s most unique mobile restaurant?

Located in Essex, Connecticut – the Essex Steam Train has been doing its part to become one of the state’s most loved attractions.  From nostalgic trips to the “North Pole” to spotting Bald Eagles while sipping hot cocoa, this place pretty much has something for everyone.

OnlyInYourState profiled The Essex Clipper Dinner Train and called it a “historic adventure.”

Two 1920’s first class passenger cars have been completely renovated into luxurious restaurant space that echoes of a “vintage dining experience.”

If the interior impresses you, wait until you start moving.

The tracks runs alongside the Connecticut River, all the way past Gillette Castle and the Goodspeed Opera House.  As diners await and eat their food, they enjoy a serene show entirely comprised of Connecticut’s natural beauty.

If you’re worried about the noise the train will generate: don’t be.  The usual steam train is replaced by an antique electric engine, so patrons get to enjoy their meal without seeing smoke or hearing a classic roaring whistle.

But think about it!  How often will you get to enjoy 5 star cuisine on a TRAIN… looking over the river as you traverse deeper into the woods.  Sounds like a mind-blowing experience to me.

Now imagine dining on the Clipper Train during the full blown fall foliage.  Breathtaking, I’m sure.

So, if you’re looking to switch up your anniversary dinner, or wow your wedding party for the rehearsal dinner or reception – you’re looking at the right place.  For $80 a pop: the ticket includes a quiet and romantic 2 and a half hour ride, your ginormous four-course meal, unlimited coffee/tea, and the best service on the east coast.  And tax.  Yes, your ticket also covers tax.

If the above doesn’t convince you, take a gander at the promotional video!



Welp, now I know what I’m getting my parents for their anniversary present.  Since my mom is an obsessive leaf peeper, you bet I’m grabbing tickets for the foliage season.

You can book your tickets through the Dinner Train’s official website right over HERE

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