Do We Want Healthy Connecticut Food?

Do We Want Healthy Connecticut Food?
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How many times have you pulled through a drive through to pick up your fries and burger and cursed the fact that there’s just no healthy fast food alternatives in the area?  Here’s the truth- You can order a salad from just about every fast food place in Connecticut.  There’s options to substitute salads or apples for fries.  Do you choose to do it?  Probably not.  But go ahead, curse the “no healthy option” people.

There’s a new place opening that’s banking that your fat, guilty-feeling self will be forced to eat their healthy fast food.  15 chain restaurants called Muscle Maker Grill’s will be opening throughout the area.  They provide healthy, high protein options.  The co-owner of the operation is Robert Painter- and he’s a Connecticut native.  So far, they are definitely opening in Norwalk and their first is set to open on July 22nd on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield.

So get ready for tons of grilled chicken, brown rice and vegetables.  They promise it will be healthy but still delicious.  I’m going to assume they won’t have the option of “Would you like to supersize that?”…


Source: NBCConnecticut

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