Once again, Fairfield County reigns supreme when it comes to this sort of roundup.  However, the town that remained #1 for years as the safest town took quite a tumble.

Fox 61 reports that the latest Safewise report crunched the most recent FBI data to determine the 50 safest cities and towns in the state. They also found that Connecticut has an overall crime rate that’s 30 percent below the national average.

On top of that, our 50 safest places happen to be 65 percent safer than the entire country.  That’s a lot of bragging rights.

But, that’s where the good news sorta ends.  We saw a major shakeup in this year’s lineup due to completely avoidable reasons.

First of all, Ridgefield fell hard from its lofty #1 spot it enjoyed for the past few years.  You can thank the rise of gang activity in the area.  Basically, the residents feel so safe, they don’t lock their cars and leave all their valuables, like laptops and wallets, inside.  Naturally, kids from the inner cities soon found out and took advantage.

Police say the kids run down streets checking door handles and remove all the valuables, and sometimes steal cars if they can find the key fobs.

Why Fairfield County residents still refuse to lock their cars after all this time is beyond me.  So, that’s why the habitual safest towns fell hard this year.

Weston and Ridgefield still managed to make the top 5 due to their relatively low violent crime rate.   Hopefully it stays that way, too.

Anyways, here are your new top 10 safest towns and cities in Connecticut.  Let me know if you agree with this list!

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