Ten Connecticut dudes are having the worst week ever..and it all started when this man popped his head topped with perfect hair around the corner inside a beautiful Fairfield home and asked them to have a seat.

Chris Hansen, who you know from “To Catch A Predator” teamed up with the Fairfield Police Department on a sting operation for an upcoming program called Hansen VS Predator. Chris’ team had these men thinking they were communicating with a young girl or boy and eventually set up the date. But you know the drill: the gross men show up expecting to score and end up in cuffs.

My favorite thing to think about is someone waking up–checking the news–and seeing their boss’s mugshot.

I’m going to be super judgemental…which is okay in this case—because I’m judging sickos. Let’s look at each of these guys. They all look like pedophiles. When I hear that word, I think of a guy that looks like a variation of each of these people driving around in a beat up Windstar.

Obviously these guys are innocent until proven guilty but lets judge them anyway…





Can’t believe he left his mom’s basement for this

weird head

How did that head even fit thru the door in the first place?


Nice try with the glasses, they do not make you look less creepy


oh waaahhh…you got caught…poor you

creep eye

There’s evil in both of his non-matching eyes


elf man

Bad elf.

He just looks like bad news

big cheeks

Check his mouth…I think he’s smuggling a kid in there


Remember the kid with the banjo in Deliverance? I think that’s him all grown up


Photo Credit:  Contributed Photo /Fairfield Citizen


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