Seeing as I am old and over with a one-year-old at home I have yet to experience Uber. I am lucky to leave my block let alone need a ride to and from a destination beyond half a mile from my home. My cooler friends who get out more continue to sing the praises of Uber though and it seems Uber drivers are raking in the cash. The company says its 4,000 drivers pulled down $8 million last year.

The success of Uber isn’t good news for everyone as it has the cab companies up in arms. The cabs claim that Uber uses unfair business practices by skirting the law and regulations that cabs have to abide by. Uber argues they are operating a different type of business and work within the law. The government has said it is working to keep things fair but allows that customers should have options.

Do you Uber? The reviews online range from positive to abysmal, obviously depending on the driver and the rider. Leave your Uber experiences in the comments and let me know if you think the government should do more to protect the cab companies.

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