Hanging out naked anywhere that isn’t the privacy of your own home is probably not a great idea. Hanging out naked right next to a Sandy Hook Memorial playground in West Haven is an even worse idea.

That is exactly what 49 year old David Gerrish from Ansonia decided to do on Monday afternoon.

According to police David was arrested at Sea Bluff Beach on charges of public indecency and breach of peace.

Monday was a perfect beach day. I’ll give him that. But if you want to be naked and let it all hang out maybe find a more secret/private beach than the one that has a parking lot facing the Sandy Hook memorial playground. You’re just asking for trouble on so many levels. Even if David had no intention of being creepy or predatory the location alone makes you seem the most guilty.

Next time you feel the urge to hang out nude somewhere come up with a smarter strategy. Maybe even one of Connecticut’s nude resorts!


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