There is truly nothing creepier than a youth hockey coach in his 50s stalking a young teen woman. It makes my skin crawl actually, and I’m not even a teen woman!

57 year old Kim Lariccia of Milford has been “accused” of obsessively stalking a waitress outside a restaurant in Shelton. But based on reports like this from Shelton Detective Rich Bango “She wasn’t waiting on him, he was just drinking sodas at the bar, staring at her, From what I understand he was obsessively staring at her. It wasn’t just looking over, he was keyed on just her.”  it’s pretty safe to say that this scumbag is guilty of being a gross stalker.


WFSB 3 Connecticut

Police arrested Lariccia on Monday charging him with third-degree stalking (that’s a thing? Who knew?!) and second-degree breach of peace and interfering with an officer. He posted a $15,000 bond and was released. The next step is to face a Derby judge on May 18th.



via WFSB 

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