Wait… what?  Where is all this dog poop coming from?  Apparently, a good load of people forgot how to pick up after their pooch and the town wants to fight back.

New Canaan Advertiser reports that the town approved of a new committee that aims to shame these poop-etrators.  So, everyone extend a very warm welcome to the Dog Poop Initiative (DPI.)

They will take it upon themselves to patrol Irwin Park, the scene that attracts these festering mountains of waste.  If they come across a pile of plop, they’ll stick a yellow flag in the ground that reads “Shame on You.”

Oh, the flag will also read “#NoMorePoop”.  Because, apparently, that’s the trending tag New Canaan wants associated with their town.  Nice.

Talk about an attractive sight.  Who wants to walk into a beautiful park for a brisk walk that’s entirely decorated with yellow flags that talk about poop?  Well, if rubbing a dog’s nose in their mess seems to teach them about the rules about going in the house…

Well, despite that, the response to the initiative has been extremely positive.  In fact, only one person so far complained about it.

Then again, this person complained while walking his dogs on the trail without something to pick up after his pets.  Hmmm.

On top of that, volunteers of the DPI will actually approach dog walkers and hand them plastic bags donated by the Pet Pantry Warehouse.  Yes, the problem is so bad a local company had to step in.

Apparently this is all a last-ditch effort before officials have to ban dogs from the park for good.

Commissioner Francesca Segalis says everyone, even Parks and Rec, doesn’t want it to come to that:

“We want to keep the park with the privilege of dogs being able to come here, because it is a privilege.”

However, people who pick up their poo are at fault, too.  They created this unnecessary mess.  Actually, some of them go up and beyond to declare just how lazy and entitled they are.

Residents complain that people actually chuck plastic bags filled with poo into the woods.  Which, understandably, is worse for the environment.

Apparently, people love tossing their bags of smelly wonder near the gazebo.  Apparently walking to a trashcan is just too much work!

So that’s why the committee wants to erect signs because they honestly think people don’t know any better.  The signs will supposedly detail the health hazards of not picking up dog poop.

Currently, the park installed its own plastic bag dispenser and placed a trash can right next to it.  But, they hope the DPI will serve as the final nail in the dog poop filled coffin.

If this does cure Irwin Park of its ills, the town will deploy this initiative in Waveny Park, their other park, which also has a poop problem.

But, if this imitative fails, well, these dog walkers will be sailing up an appropriately named creek, won’t they?

So, what do you make of this?  Is it the park’s fault for its waste problem or are New Canaan people just very lazy?

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