Kids can be adorable, little bundles of joy. They can also be terrible, rude creatures. Their behavior is often determined by the parenting they receive. WFSB brings us the plight of young Justin Otero. Justin was just banned from the Doughnut Inn in Monroe because the management deemed him “rude”. That is according to his mother.

Rebecca Denham says her son Justin innocently, and inappropriately, asked a fellow customer if she was pregnant. She wasn’t. Rebecca states that she was “mortified” and that Justin apologized. She goes on to say that when she and her son returned the next day she was told Justin was not welcome because he was “rude”.

The management of Doughnut Inn declined to comment so all we get is one side of the story. For a full report on Rebecca’s side watch the video below.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

A couple of things here. Rebecca, take your sunglasses off. This isn’t a fashion shoot. You called the news to make a stink about this situation, try to look like an adult. Also, why at the pool? And why is your kid running around with WFSB’s microphone? I would wager he kept it after the interview rather than give it back.

Rebecca was on Chaz & AJ this morning trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. Chaz let her know that while the Doughnut Inn didn’t want to come on the air they want it known that Justin had a tendency to run amok. When pressed on the subject Rebecca said “I am not going to change my son for the world.” That sums up the whole story, at least for me.

Please listen to the interview and get a dose of her special brand of crazy. Listen here.

This is a mother who thinks her snowflake should be able to do whatever he wants without repercussions. You are teaching this kid a terrible lesson Rebecca. You might not want to change your son but I promise you the world will not change for him.

As far as Doughnut Inn is concerned, they have every right to ban anyone they want. Their Facebook page is taking a beating right now, for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is because people hear “4-year-old banned” and get their panties in a twist. The other reason is because whoever is in charge of that page (rumor is that it is one of the owner’s kids?) is not really handling the situation well. You can’t argue on the internet. You have to make a clear statement and stick to it. And don’t let a teenager handle your PR.

As a new Dad with a 4-month-old I am sensitive to being in public with a kid. But not in the way this Mom is. I am sensitive to the other people around me when out in public. If my son starts to make a fuss I quickly attempt to calm him down. If that doesn’t work I follow-up by removing him from the area until he is calm. If he is having a full-blown meltdown I will make a hasty exit. He is my responsibility and it isn’t fair to ruin other people’s experiences because I don’t want to “change” my kid. I would like to think most responsible people do the same.

Is it tough? No. It is inconvenient but certainly not hard. My meal might cool down a bit or I might need to box it up but that is a burden I took on when I decided to have a kid.


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