He’s beauty and he’s grace… he thinks he’s President of the United States.

Regardless of what you think or feel about Donald Trump, he’s coming to Connecticut whether you like it or not.  The destination of his visit has already been chosen: Fairfield.

CTPost reports that, although tomorrow’s visit is still in the process of being confirmed, Trump is expected to appear at Sacred Heart University around 6 p.m.  You will need tickets to enter the venue at Pitt Center.

This is the first time Trump has visited Connecticut as the Republican Party’s official nominee. The last time he visited was during the presidential primaries in April.  He easily won Connecticut with over 57% of the vote.

This time around, Trump has major competition and his likelihood of taking the state is uncertain.  A recent Quinnipiac poll shows Hillary Clinton leading him by 7 points.  However, her victory is not guaranteed, either.

Unlike other states, Trump has a talking point that could sway reluctant voters to his side.  Governor Malloy has handed him the opportunity on a silver platter. Rumor has it that, should Hillary win, Malloy will leave Connecticut for a top position in her cabinet.

Considering the bang up job he is doing as Connecticut’s most powerful politician… do you really think any of us want to see him working his magic on a NATIONAL level?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

So, Trump’s talk tomorrow could be extremely interesting and/or enlightening.  If he doesn’t talk Malloy, though, that’ll be a huuuuuuge missed opportunity.


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