Hate him or love him, Donald Trump will be our next President.  With his controversial choices over filling his transition team, his sights may be setting on Connecticut to join his staff in the West Wing.

I mean, we’re already hearing rumors that Linda McMahon may be getting a job with Trump.  But why stop there?  There’s apparently a swath of Connecticut natives who are eager to work for our new President.

CT Mirror reports that several local politicians have been hinting that they made the Don’s shortlist.  Connecticut GOP Party Chairman J.R. Romano created a huge buzz after admitting that he would “seriously consider” taking a position should it be offered.

Chances of him heading to D.C. are pretty fair considering he’s a buddy of Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who still advises the President-elect from time to time.

All it takes is one name-drop and shining recommendation and he’s probably out of here.  Even though his state needs him, who can blame him for wanting to jump ship?

I get it, Connecticut is like the Titanic.  It was deemed too big too fail with being the richest state and all, but our government still steered it into a glacier of financial ruin and fully expected to stay afloat.  Any politician who wants to salvage his or her political aspirations would probably bail at the first opportunity than flail around in the freezing waters of budget shortfalls and bankruptcy.

Also, who wants to be credited for helping Connecticut become the country’s laughing stock?

So even though Romano says he wants to focus at the “task at hand,” which is inevitably saving Connecticut from its bumbling governor.  Governor Malloy is in charge of seeing the state through the worst financial crisis it has ever experienced, yet still approves pet projects, like half a mil be dumped on two new statues.  Because that’s smart.

So, let’s be real here, if Trump came knocking on Romano’s door, he’d already have his bags packed by the door.

Another potential pick of the Trumpster is Stamford attorney, Ben Proto.  Richard Foley, a former head of the state party, said that Proto “earned his stripes” by acting as a Trump delegate and working on McCain’s and Romney’s presidential campaigns.

Proto also added more fuel to the rumor pyre by declaring that, “If the administration called, I’d consider it very strongly.”

So, it looks like CT may be repping in the White House after all.

But should any local politician be offered a job: would they be foolish to turn it down or are they turning their back on Connecticut when it needs their guidance the most?

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