Dating really does kinda suck. It’s awkward, you’re constantly questioning yourself, you don’t know the right thing to do if you really like someone and want to keep it going….and you don’t know how to break things off nicely when you’re not into it. So, you can’t blame each other for doing these annoying things….


According to a new study by Whats Your Price , here are the Top 5 Most Annoying Dating Habits:



1.  Ghosting.  This is when you’re dating someone, are communicating, almost on the regular, and one person just falls off the face of the earth. No calls, no texts. Just done. The no explanation is the worst. But really, who wants to be honest and tell the other person how annoying and awful they are and only went on dates with them because it was something to do?




2.  Social Media Stalking. I say it’s fine to stalk on social media, just don’t let the other person know. Beware of the dreaded accidental ‘like’ on Instagram




3.  Sending unsolicited naked photos. Now I know that no men took this survey



4.  Taking forever to respond to messages: Did you die? 



5.  Leading people on. But who will make me feel good about myself and make me feel wanted when I cut the cord?



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