We all know littering is wrong.  It makes Mother Nature cry.

Now, you’ll be the one crying if you illegally dump in Bridgeport.  The city will confiscate your car!

The CT Post says that’s what happened to Samantha Letourneau.  She could be kissing her sweet Chevrolet goodbye after her friend, Alphonso Thompson, took her truck, filled it up with junk, and tried dumping it near an overpass.

This entire scenario is the pinnacle of idiocy considering the dude’s a resident of Bridgeport, so it was completely free to bring his trash to the city transfer station.

Even police are scratching their heads over his reasoning… or lack thereof.

The Mayor of Bridgeport, however, is happy Al got caught.  Joe Ganim is serious about cracking down on illegal dumping and is taking full advantage of a state law that allows courts to take the property used to commit a crime.

He’s also planning on having cameras installed near popular dumping grounds.

So, if you don’t want to walk home, don’t you dare dump in Bridgeport.

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