Winter has been a breeze so far! We got through the holidays and most of January with only a couple of snowstorms that gave us any noticeable accumulation. And with temperatures hitting the mid-40s and low-50s, that white stuff doesn’t stick around very long.

As alarming as that should be for an area that usually gets a decent amount of snow, it feels like most of Connecticut is loving the unseasonably warm weather. After all, there’s something nice about being able to grill some burgers without 8 layers of clothing on, even if it does hint at the impending collapse of the planet’s climate.

Of course, anyone who’s lived in New England for more than a few minutes knows this is likely the calm before the storm. We can laugh in the sunshine for as long as we want, but we haven’t even gotten to February yet. And according to forecasters, that’s when real winter will arrive.

An AccuWeather report says that by the end of January, a cooler air system is going to work its way over the middle of the country and start shifting that dreaded “arctic” air into our neck of the woods. That means frigid temperatures and probably a heavy dose of snow will come with it.

The seasoned winter veterans among us will not be shocked by this. When Winter takes it easy for a few weeks, we know it’s just gathering energy for a bitch-slap of epic proportions that will come soon after. No, none of us are naive enough to put our shovels and boots away just yet.

Suffice to say, we should enjoy the warm weather while we can. It might feel like April now, but it won’t for very long. There’s still plenty of “winter” left for us to get battered around the characters in a snow globe.

(via Greenwich Patch)

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