The greatest unsung heroes of the music industry are Tribute bands.  Plain and simple.  It’s because that, even after a popular band breaks up or stops playing, these guys keep their music alive.  And these tribute bands go all out to not only sound the part.  Some even go as far as to also look the part.

I mean, have you SEEN the lead singer of Draw the Line?

So if you love bands like Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, to even Simon & Garfunkel, this is your month. Because all throughout September, some of the greatest Tribute bands of all time will be in our great state.   I bet you that if you close your eyes during one of these concerts, you’ll think you’re listening to the real thing.

So here’s the six tribute bands you definitely cannot miss when they come to your area.  Plus, I even added an extra event to add to your October calendar.

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