One of the rarest and most beautiful celestial events is tonight.  Don’t miss the gorgeous Harvest Moon because it’ll light up the sky all night long.   This one’s considered rare because it’s happening in October.

NBC Connecticut reports that a harvest moon is the first full moon that happens after the autumn equinox.  So, they normally happen in September.   But this year, it’s the first in a decade to occur in a different month.  Actually, between 1979 and 2050, only 18 Harvest Moons will happen in October.

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, you won’t need a telescope to make out the moon’s stunning features.  Instead, the harvest moon will shine brightly, making it easy for the naked eye to see its details.

On top of that, those of us on the east coast will see yet another celestial event.  Mars and Venus will be relatively close together in the predawn hours, too.   They’ll be sparkling next to the Virgo and Leo constellations.

Unfortunately for us, though, we will miss another event that’s supposed to happen tonight.  The Harvest Moon will eclipse Neptune in other parts of the world, but we won’t be able to see it.  Our friends on the west coast, however, can watch the occultation.

Either way, barring any cloud cover, we’re in store for a real treat tonight.  On top of that, Mother Nature gifted us with a rather mild night tonight, so it’s perfect for a brisk evening walk.  Perhaps even a romantic stroll, even?

If you do choose to use tonight as an excuse for a casual date, be sure to regale your guest with everything you just learned from CT Boom.  I’m sure your date will be amazed.

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