So Lollapalooza made their amazing concert announcement for 2014, and it’s very solid. However, if you didn’t already buy tickets, and can’t make it all the way to Chicago for three days in August, you’re probably already out of luck to going to see it. But that’s okay – because there are alternatives in Connecticut.

Everyone likely already knows about Gathering of the Vibes – they made their announcement two weeks ago. Not as many know about Fauxchella.

It’s pretty much what you think it is – some local bands, and some legit acts from across the country, quite a few who have played at some of the major festivals. It’s a very cool place to see some up-and-coming acts. And, of course, it’s really easy to get to from anywhere in Connecticut.

The nice thing is that it’s all on one day, across four stages, and you can come and go as you please. This year it’s on Saturday, May 3, in Hamden at the complex that houses the Space/Outer Space/Ballroom, with over 25 bands, plus beer, food, vendors, art, etc. – you know, all the things that make a proper festival. You may not be familiar with the acts, but the names are amazing – Kung Fu, Pissed Jeans, Armand Hammer, and Sharkmuffin, just to name a few. Plus, any festival that features an act known as Tanooki Suit can’t be all bad.

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