Have you ever seen a picture that makes you scream “yesssss,” in a low guttural voice?  Because that happened to me just now.  I’ve heard about the mythical creation known as donut cakes.  Now, I can finally get my hands on it!

Beach Donut Shop, located in Clinton along Boston Post Road, debut their delicious donut cakes.  Basically, its a donut that’s the size of your torso.

I know.  Right?!

If you need another comparison, think of a donut the size of a large pizza pie.  And now imagine yourself holding it in your hands.

Because that’s what holding happiness feels like, my friend.  Happiness is a warm donut cake.

Okay, I’m sure Beach Donut isn’t the only place selling donut cakes… but this is the first time I’ve heard of this phenomenon coming to Connecticut.

And, considering Beach Donuts has been my place to stock up on sugary treats since I was 14, I can vouch for their flavor factor.  Basically, their donuts are the most irresistible confections on the planet.  Especially their sour cream donuts.

And I sampled one by chance.  When you’re a kid and hear “sour cream,” you definitely don’t think “wow, that sounds delicious!”  But, they came fresh out of the oven and smelled incredible.  So, I had to try one.

Nothing’s better than sampling a Beach Donut fresh out of the oven.   Seriously, your knees will buckle in pure ecstasy.  I’m dead serious.

And things keep getting better now that they rolled out with donut cakes!  Besides the traditional “o” shaped donuts, you can also get filled ones, too.  Like, you can get a donut cake stuffed with cream, lemon, or jelly filling.  Yum!

Imagine.  A Boston cream donut the size of your steering wheel.   It’s so next level I could cry.

Anyways, if you want to finally get your hands on a donut cake, you know where to go.

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