Now this is a fundraiser I can get behind!

Todd Ruggere lives in Grafton MA. He loves beer and seems to have plenty of free time. See, one day while putting back a few brews he tried to name all the towns in Massachusetts. Disappointed that he was only able to name about half of them he decided that he would learn them all by drinking a beer in each and every town.

He made the quest even better by raising funds for cancer research at every stop. His 266 day run in MA took him to all 351 towns and he managed to raise over $40k along the way. Now he has brought the show to CT.

So far he’s made his way through Bethel and Two Roads Brewery. He plans on visiting all 169 CT towns to raise money for Smilow Children’s Hospital at Yale-New Haven. You can follow his CT trip on Twitter. This weekend he’s hitting up Ridgefield and Salisbury. See when he’ll be in your town here or leave a suggestion here.

What CT bars or breweries do you think he absolutely has to hit?


Via The Courant

photo via @CTPourTour

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