Everyone loves bumper cars. It is a classic carnival game in which even the least experienced drivers can excel. There’s laughter, there’s a little bit of violence, and there’s the thrilling feeling of rejecting everything you know to be true about driving.

But sometimes a love of bumper cars can go too far. That seems to be the case for today’s installment of Connecticut Man.

According to WTNH, 22-year-old Antonio Ajpop-Cor went on a booze-fueled bumper cars run of his own through the streets of New London over the weekend. The police were called after he hit one parked car, but they didn’t catch him until he had hit three more.

Thankfully, no one got hurt, because now we can laugh at the fact this Connecticut Man is going to go down in the history books as one of our best. Normally, if you decide to make the bad decision to drive drunk and then make it worse by hitting a parked car, you call it a night. You stop your car. You get out. You call the cops and own your mistake.

Not our Connecticut Man. He hit a parked car and thought, “Alright, I’ve got my bearings now. The rest of the drive can only get better!” That kind of confidence is both admirable and terrifying.

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