A busybody lady with bad hearing-or perhaps who’d never heard a parrot in her life-wasted the Fairfield police’s time yesterday, when she thought she her someone in distress, but ended up inadvertently finding a lost pet.

This woman, who’s name hasn’t been released (likely due to embarrassment) was near the Holland Hill School in Fairfield late yesterday, when she told police that she heard someone screaming:

 “Daddy! Daddy!”

So, deciding to further investigate to see if it was a lost child, she ended up finding a large green parrot in a nearby tree.

No child.

No human.

Just a big green parrot.

After an animal control officer showed up, and realized that he was unable to remove the parrot because it was 25 feet up the tree, he rang up the Fairfield fire department.

The Fairfield jakes showed up, chased the little loudmouth out of the tree, and ended up safely netting him and bringing it over to a local shelter.

During the whole process, authorities said the parrot said several words including “hello,” “daddy” and “what!?”

(It’s almost as if he’s the bird version of Lil’ Jon!)


The parrot had been reported missing by its owner, Christopher Gerbasi, of Fairfield, and has since been returned.


Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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