Dumb Fairfield Woman Mistakes Bird For Small Child, Wastes Police’s Time

Dumb Fairfield Woman Mistakes Bird For Small Child, Wastes Police’s Time
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A busybody lady with bad hearing-or perhaps who’d never heard a parrot in her life-wasted the Fairfield police’s time yesterday, when she thought she her someone in distress, but ended up inadvertently finding a lost pet.

This woman, who’s name hasn’t been released (likely due to embarrassment) was near the Holland Hill School in Fairfield late yesterday, when she told police that she heard someone screaming:

 “Daddy! Daddy!”

So, deciding to further investigate to see if it was a lost child, she ended up finding a large green parrot in a nearby tree.

No child.

No human.

Just a big green parrot.

After an animal control officer showed up, and realized that he was unable to remove the parrot because it was 25 feet up the tree, he rang up the Fairfield fire department.

The Fairfield jakes showed up, chased the little loudmouth out of the tree, and ended up safely netting him and bringing it over to a local shelter.

During the whole process, authorities said the parrot said several words including “hello,” “daddy” and “what!?”

(It’s almost as if he’s the bird version of Lil’ Jon!)


The parrot had been reported missing by its owner, Christopher Gerbasi, of Fairfield, and has since been returned.


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  1. Jenny Wielk
    June 19th, 2014 15:35

    This post is awful. Maybe the author is dumb. Maybe they’ve never heard a parrot that can mimic anything they hear. It’s pretty bad when you have to start insulting people that are just trying to be a good citizen. Get a grip ctboom.


  2. Jason
    June 19th, 2014 9:09

    Wait, so she heart the bird, investigated, saw it was a parrot, then called police?

    And this is the big “dumb” story of the day???



  3. MiguelSan
    June 18th, 2014 17:13

    BonnieQuinionPozarlik yea really this editor makes her out to be a moron, she has bad hearing, thought it was a child stuck in a tree, calls the police, she did nothing wrong, this editor is just trying to drum up site-traffic, and “not releasing her name out of embarrassment”…id prolly be embarrassed 2, but he didnt have to blatently assume it / point it out….ugh the internet these days…


  4. BonnieQuinionPozarlik
    June 18th, 2014 15:59

    to be fair, the lady thought she was helping a child so her intentions were good. the writer of this story however, needs to work on their editing skills.


  5. Steve Swanat
    June 18th, 2014 12:23

    It would of been better to ignore it and have something horrific happen


  6. Sheri Beatty
    June 18th, 2014 9:23

    harsh post CT Boom


  7. Tiffany Wyman
    June 18th, 2014 8:54

    My mother owns an African grey parrot, they sound nearly identical to whomever they mimic. Other parrots have high pitch voices and can sound like small children. I think it would be harsh to assume this woman is dumb, the bird shouted “daddy” she made the assumption based on the tone of voice and word spoken that it could be a child. Granted, animal control should’ve been called first instead but it was done on good will.


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