By now you most likely have heard about the Dumb Starbucks phenomenon that has taken Los Angeles by storm over the last week. Basically, someone (now we know it was Comedy Central comedian Nathan Fielder) found a way to sneakily open a parody version of Starbucks. Just by adding the word “Dumb” to the name it supposedly legally allows them to use the Starbucks name and logo. It meets the minimum requirements to be considered a parody under U.S. law. This is either the most insanely smart or insanely stupid idea ever.


[youtube_sc url=”Bo_deCOd1HU”]








The interesting part of all of this is how the Starbucks legal team wasn’t really able to do anything about it. Sadly Dumb Starbucks was shut down this morning by the Los Angeles Health Department


But word is comedian and founder of Dumb Starbucks Nathan Feilder now plans on opening up a second location in a few weeks here in the east coast in Brooklyn.



If Starbucks was smart they would just take this as some free advertising. Sure the money from people buying “Dumb Caramel Macchiato’s” aren’t going into the real companies pockets, but who cares. If they think this comedian with a good idea is going to take down one of the largest corporations in the country they are in fact the one’s who are “dumb”.

Oh, and I’ll have a grande non-fat 1-pump Dumb Cafe Mocha. Thanks!



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