It’s official: The formerly secretive naming rights for the Hartford Yard Goats’ new stadium belong to Dunkin Donuts.

Yes, the coffee and donut shop of every corner in New England. The one that lies to you National Donut Day year after year. They are the official stadium sponsors for Hartford’s new baseball team.

Frankly, this isn’t a bad thing. It needed to be big name brand (stadium naming rights aren’t cheap), it needed to be a fan favorite (there’s a law that states everyone in New England must love Dunkin), and it needed to have local ties (this requires no explanation).

But as if Dunkin wasn’t already omnipresent in our lives, here it is popping up again. We see them every time we step outside, ever. We saw them on National Donut Day all over our social media feeds. We may soon see them in our homes if this delivery idea becomes reality. And now we’ll see them every time we take in a baseball game.

Frankly, it seems like a bit of overkill. The only good that could come of their unstoppable growth is if Dunkin agreed to buy the state’s naming rights, we changed this place to Dunkinecticut, and the funds allowed our state government to roll back some of these crazy taxes.

Image via Twitter/@DDinCT

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