Alright Dunks, I am as diehard a Dunkin fan as they come. Grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts in the land of “Lahge Regulahs” and Boston Cremes. I’m all for your fun wacky holiday donut creations, but THIS is where I have to draw the line.

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (4)


It’s just too much. You can’t put random extra sweets on top of donuts. It’s not a wedding cake. Also, you’re just promoting poor grammar to the youth of America with that stupid ad slogan, “Fun to look at. Fun-ner to eat”. I’m no English scholar myself, but when I make grammar mistakes it’s a legit accident because I’m just an idiot. This is different because it definitely went across the desk of multiple executives, marketing directors, and many people in charge who made the decision that using the non-word “fun-ner” was a good plan.

I will not buy into your Peep Donut hype, Dunks. But I will have a medium iced and a bacon, egg, & cheese on a croissant. Mmmm… so good.

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