Sometimes in a moment of panic, we do dumb things. Like call 911 in a non-emergency situation. For example when a ton of people in Fairfield called 911 because their cable went out during “Breaking Bad.” Or when a Stamford dude called after a 4-hour standoff with his cat.

Even I’m guilty of wasting precious Connecticut resources on my own little problems. Yep, I called 911 because I couldn’t find my car. I’m not proud of it, but I freaked and lost the ability to think rationally.

That’s why I feel for East Haven mayoral candidate Michael Speer. He noticed his political signs were taken from his lawn and needed to take action. So he turned to East Haven’s finest. Not just one or two signs were stolen. Nine of them were swiped!

I want to know if he only had 9 signs and they were all taken. Or if he had way more and realized that 9 were missing. Because if not one sign was spared, that’s just plain greed and that calls for an immediate investigation (like what Mr. Speer requests in his 911 call).

I am also wondering where those 9 signs will turn up. If they are found with sour cream and guacamole residue, we’ll know who’s behind the mystery.

East Haven Patch has the 911 call…which has been confirmed that it is Michael Speer.

I’ve never really been into local politics…but this year, I’m loving it. Keep the drama coming!

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