This story could have ended a whole lot worse.

A police officer in East Haven was on duty in the Momauguin part of town when he came across an unprovoked attack by a stray dog. In self defense the officer shot the dog.

The good news? The dog, a cute yellow lab mix, survived the scary encounter.

It’s hard to side with the either party on this one. I am usually one to defend animals every time over humans, but I would like to think that since the dog survived the officer was strategically shooting the dog in a way that it would just serve as a scare instead of a kill shot.

The owner of 2 year old lab named Tucker, like most dog owners, said Tucker is normally very friendly dog. But even she admitted after seeing the video that Tucker was guilty.

You could also argue that the situation could have been handled without gunfire. Though not being there in the heat of that moment having to make a split second reaction like this officer had to it’s hard to say.

Thanks to YouTube we can get a pretty good idea of what went down. Police started wearing body cameras over the summer here in Connecticut. So this entire confrontation was all captured on video from the view of the officer.



(via NHRegister)


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