Sure, when you are a kid you love Easter baskets…they are filled with tons of candy and those weird chocolate Easter bunnies that are always hollow (those always creeped me out…plus, they never really tasted as good as they looked…) But, what happens to Easter when you are an adult? Suddenly the idea of getting Easter Basket seems sorta childish…I felt that way..until I discovered the Adult Easter Baskets. Here are some ideas on what to get the 18+ person in your life on Easter.


1.  Coffee Basket: What adult doesn’t LIVE off coffee…and honestly, what is better than COFFEE. Coffee AM has some great Easter Flavored Coffee

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2 Wine Basket:  I found this one on Gourmet Gift Basket. Great mix of mature looking candy…and WINE!!



3. Adult Easter Eggs: This is actually cheaper than buying a basket. Purchased plastic colored eggs. Drill a hole on the top and insert your choice of tasty nip.



4. Fruit: As you get older…you start worrying about health. So replace your candy baskets with this Organic Fruit Basket from



5. Meats: How about a basket of STEAK . Satisfy all your Angus cravings with The Cattleman’s collection from Gourmet Gift Basket.


Photos: Gourmet Gift Baskets




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