We’re going to change it up for reporting this story out of Easton. We’re going to give you all the details, everything that happened, and you have to guess the age of the two brothers that were involved with this fight.

Matthew and David Gombos were arrested after police said they got into a dining room brawl in their home over a bowl of Brussels sprouts.

Police said officers were called to the home Saturday night on a call of a domestic disturbance. David, who had a swollen right eye, answered the door and INSTANTLY complained that his brother had started it.

Matthew, who had a bloody left elbow, said that it was his brother’s fault.

What had happened was…the brothers had been sitting down to a family meal when one brother had taken a scoop of Brussels sprouts from a bowl and plopped them down in the other brother’s plate. That brother had objected to that, placing the offending vegetable back into the bowl.

The first brother “considered that to be rude,” and both brothers ended up in a “hockey-style” fight under the table.

Are you ready for the best part of this whole story?

Matthew Gombos is 25 years old. David is 22 years old. Some things never change.


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