Ever since Bob Geldof had the idea to get a bunch of the biggest musicians in the world together and record a song to raise money for relief of the famine in Ethiopia back in 1984 it had been somewhat of a tradition to see who will be part of the next rendition of Do They Know It’s Christmas?

The latest version, Band Aid 30, released last weekend is to raise money to aid the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa. This time around the lineup is pretty action packed. Some of the biggest names being  Ed SheeranOne DirectionEllie GouldingSealSam SmithSinéad O’ConnorRita OraEmeli Sandé, the guys from Bastille as well as Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Even some faces of the past showed up like Bono, who sang on the 1984 and 2004 versions.

They did a pretty great job with this one in my opinion.

There have been a few different runs at this over the years. Some great, some not so great.

The question is who do you think did best?


BAND AID – 1984


BAND AID II – 1989


BAND AID 20 – 2004


BAND AID 30 – 2014


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