There seems to be a buzz lately about “Edible Cookie Dough”. Before you leave a scathing snarky comment below, yes I know all cookie dough is technically edible. But ever since this new cookie dough spot opened in NYC a few months ago this new cookie dough concept has been all the hype.

The better description would be “cookie dough that won’t make you terribly sick for hours after you eat it.” It’s essentially served up like ice cream, except giant gobs of cookie dough.

Here in Connecticut Stew Leonard’s just rolled out their own version of the sweet treat. There are a few things that make this cookie dough more edible than your standard raw dough from grandma’s kitchen.

Unlike raw cookie dough, Stew Leonard’s Edible Cookie Dough is made using heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, to create a sweet, creamy, and chocolate-chip packed treat.  It’s available at the Stew Leonard’s ice cream counter in either a cup or a cone, either $3.99 for a single scoop or $6.99 for a double scoop.

Over the weekend I decided I had seen enough posts in my Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat feeds that I needed to investigate and taste the hype for myself.


Tasting the hype. ????#ediblecookiedough #stewleonards

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It’s pretty good. I couldn’t eat the whole thing. I finished half. Even this new edible version is still very, very rich.

Cookie dough is a love it or despise it type of treat. You have to REALLY love cookie dough to be into this. Though, if you are a cookie dough purist you might find something is missing from each bite. Which I’m guessing is the raw eggs and real flour? But at least you won’t be puking or in the bathroom for hours after eating it.

All in all it’s worth the trip if you have a sweet tooth for hype.

Pro tip: Get a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with it. It makes all the difference and cuts down a bit on the richness of the cookie dough.


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