All cookie dough is edible if you believe in yourself.  But then again, the USDA advises against inhaling copious amounts of it.  Y’know, the risk of salmonella.

Then again, has anyone ever gotten sick eating raw cookie dough?  Is the government trying to stop us from living our lives?

So, people got crafty.  They found a way to indulge on the dough without any health risks beyond an expanding waistline.

The trend really took off in New York City.  A cafe called Cookie DŌ reinvented the classic ice cream store by filling their basins with edible cookie dough.  Eat it on a cone, a cup, or in a trough – because it doesn’t matter!  It is 100% completely safe.

But the lines are terribly long.

Anyways, Connecticut’s favorite grocery store is testing their own recipe.  Stew Leonard’s heard the people, understood that NYC is a haul just for a sweet treat, and got to work.

No word yet on when Stew’s plans to officially unveil their new invention.  Then again, that product looks close to done.  I bet we’ll be licking our sticky cookie-dough spoons by springtime.

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