There’s something so forbidden about eating cookie dough. For years, everyone has been telling you not to eat the cookie dough. With that being said, everyone still does it anyways.

In the past few years, edible cookie dough has becoming more and more of a trend. Cookie dough cafes have been popping up all over the place. In New York City, there’s Cookie DO NYC confections, where you can get scoops of cookie dough served with sprinkles. And, they have a lot of flavors, including classic chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and s’mores. Not going to lie, that sounds delicious.

New York City isn’t the only place that you can get your hands on some edible dough. Connecticut currently has two cookie dough places — the Connecticut Cookie Dough Company in Fairfield and Doughluv in Colchester. I’m sure (and hopeful) that more will appear as time goes on.

But, if you’re unable to get to these locations, don’t despair. You can also find edible cookie dough at your local Stew Leonard’s and the freezer aisle at your grocery store. I even found a few flavors — chocolate chip and peanut butter — at my local Big Y.

What’s cool about this cookie dough trend is that it’s very similar to how ice cream is served. For instance, at Stew Leonard’s, you can get cookie dough in a cone format. Furthermore, many of the cookie dough cafes offer you the opportunity to add toppings such as sprinkles, and even mix it into ice cream. Not going to lie, that sounds pretty delicious. In fact, they even sell cookie dough milkshakes and cookie dough fudge.

Needless to say, I’m beginning to sense a trend here. And, for good reason. The edible cookie dough is beyond delicious. I am already halfway through the tub of Peanut Butter dough one that I bought on Friday. And, the next time that I’m in New York City, I plan to head over to the Cookie DO cafe.

In the meantime, I will continue to indulge with the cookie dough that I bought at my local Big Y. Which, by the way, I recommend if you haven’t tried it yet.

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